JavaScript on Next.js and React import error “Unable to resolve path to module ‘../utils/makeId’.eslintimport/no-unresolved”

The “Unable to resolve path to module ‘../utils/makeId’.eslintimport/no-unresolved” error in Next.js and React typically occurs when the JavaScript interpreter is unable to find the specified module.

Here are a couple of things you can try to fix this error:

  1. Check the file path of the import statement. Make sure that the file path is correct and that the file exists at the specified location. If the file path is incorrect or the file does not exist, it will result in an import error.
  2. Check if the file is correctly exported. Make sure that the file is exporting the correct component or function. If the file is not exporting anything, or if it is exporting the wrong component or function, it will result in an import error.
  3. Check if the file has been added to the .gitignore file or if there’s any other reason that the file is not been uploaded to the server.
  4. Check if the import statement is inside an if statement or another function, if so, make sure that the function or if statement is being executed before the import statement.
  5. Make sure that the import statement is using the correct file extension. Sometimes, the file might have been imported with the wrong extension, such as .jsx instead of .js, or vice versa.
  6. Check if the file is correctly capitalized, if not, correct the capitalization.
  7. Check if the import statement has been commented out, remove the comment if so.
  8. Check if there’s any other error in the file or in the project that is blocking the import statement from being executed.
  9. Make sure that you have the latest version of eslint and the eslint import plugin

These are some general suggestions, the actual cause of the error may vary depending on the specific circumstances. It might be helpful to check the browser’s developer console and check the network tab, this will provide more information about the request, response and possible error messages.

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