Guid.NewGuid.toString Javascript error

Guid.NewGuid.toString Javascript error

The error message “Guid.NewGuid.toString is not a function” is indicating that the JavaScript code is trying to call the toString() method on the Guid.NewGuid object, but Guid.NewGuid is not an object that has a toString() method.

In JavaScript, the Guid object is not a built-in object, it is either a custom object or a part of a library that is being used in the code. .NewGuid is a static method that generates a new globally unique identifier (GUID) and it should be called as a function like Guid.NewGuid() and the returned value is a guid object that doesn’t have a toString() method.

You can resolve this issue by making sure that the Guid object is correctly imported or defined, and calling the Guid.NewGuid() method to get a new guid, then call the toString() method on that returned value.

For example, if the code is :

let newGUID = Guid.NewGuid.toString();

change it to

let newGUID = Guid.NewGuid().toString();

Also, make sure that you have the correct library/library version that has the Guid object defined in it.

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